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Hey! I'm Jon Sams, a film student at Florida State. I'm also a portrait and lifestyle photographer on the side. Ask me questions.I love questions.

Find out what you like! FSU looks for passion, not set experience. They want people that they can teach, and work with. People who can grow. 

Find a movie you love, see if you can find the script and read how it was written. De-construct it, find out how it was made. Keep the inspiration and keep the motivation, it will bring you a long way. 

Also if you don’t get in the first time, keep applying, keep on it. They respect that. Remember they’re picking people who will work together well, so if you don’t work well for one class, you might be perfect for another. 


HEY Sorry it took so long, I’ve had 12 hour days on set. 

Basically just keep experimenting, play with things. Test yourself. I found the work of photographers I liked, and I worked to see how they accomplished their style. Play with lighting, indoor, outdoor, contrasty, muted. 

The best thing that happened to me was when I finally took a photography class, I was stuck in a black and white phase. My teacher just told me she wouldn’t accept anything more from me if it was black and white. It MADE me learn how to get what I wanted from color. 

Just keep doing. Let yourself go crazy so you know what you like, and refine and shape and hone until you’re happy with what you have. 

Also on photoshop, recently I’ve been into more contrasty images, but with muted colors. I love a good milky black, which is easy to do in curves, and I’m sure I’ve posted about before. 

If you have any other question let me know and I promise it won’t take a month to answer again.